Large Solid Wood Cabinet - Kitchen Larder - Bar Unit - Wine Rack. Freestanding. On wheels.

699 GBP

There is a shift in interior design from built in furniture to freestanding. It brings a more open feel to spaces.

This hand crafted storage cabinet is big. It measures H: 180cm W: 98cm D: 48cm.

Please measure very carefully.

Made from a solid hardwood, the two main doors open to reveal a large range of storage options. The two doors have four shelves each with a thick bar pole, at the right height to store wine bottles or cooking bottles.

They are five large cubby holes, and a 12 hole bottle holder.

Beneath this are more drawers of varying sizes. Endless storage options in a heavy solid piece of furniture with high build quality.

It stands on wheels for easy movement.

The colour of the wood is warm and there are variations of the colour in each piece. This is part of the look.

Delivery is free and takes up to 2.5 weeks.