Large Classic Rattan Peacock Chair with black seat cushion. 70's style.

550 GBP

Only the coolest people get to sit in a peacock chair!

The peacock chair (aka the fan chair), with its flared back and intricately woven details, likely originated in East Asia as a thronelike, head-framing seat reserved for royals. Then in the 19th century the designs made their way via trading routes to the United States and England, where they were popular garden-party perches. Cut to the swinging 1960s and ’70s: After a lull in popularity, the chairs were back in a big way, turning up as the boho-glam photo-shoot prop of choice for everyone from Stevie Nicks to Cher to Brigitte Bardot.

Today, the chairs are experiencing a major retro revival.

This peacock chair is made from high quality rattan to ensure a long life.

It measures a large H145xW107xD70cm.

Classically shaped with a spiral pedestal and heavily embellished. It comes with a black seat cushion.

Surprisingly comfortable to sit on, the possibilities of where to put these are endless, but wherever it is placed it will be a talking point.

It likes to be indoor, on a veranda or in a conservatory to best preserve the rattan.

Care instructions are provided with the chair.

Delivery is free in approx 2.5 weeks.